- Lack of Awareness in general population about:

  • What groundwater is and how aquifers function.?
  • How much Groundwater exists?
  • How much to use and for what purpose.?
  • How to recharge groundwater and what resources to use for the same

- Lack of understanding of this invisible though highly significant resource leads to its over extraction and resultant over-exploitation.

Other reason for its over-exploitation include

- Lack of any formal dducational curriculum in Hydrogeology i.e., the science of groundwater at all levels including in primary, secondary and even university levels leaving us with a dearth of experts in such a crucial field.

- Groundwater whose existence is based on various factors including geological typologies, climatic variations, etc. is way too complex for a layman’s understanding. Surprisingly, traditionally knowledge in bygone cultures did seem to have a fairly good understanding of the subject.

India with its fast depleting aquifiers should wake up to this ticking time-bomb at the earliest and inform everyone in simple and easy-to-understand ways. We provide trainings to NGOs/Farmers/CSR bodies in simple and straight local terms to build its awareness among the most-likely affected local populace and build their capacities to tide over the issue at every level.